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Quality Assurance

At RC Electronics, we have a total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, from the bottom of the organization to the top.

That is why we’ve gone through extensive training and certification audits to become ISO 9001:2008 Our corporate goal is to be 100% accurate on every order that we process. We achieve this goal by utilizing thorough vendor management and inspection processes to ensure component and supply chain integrity.

RC Electronics evaluates and selects vendors based on their ability to supply product in accordance with RC Electronics quality standards. Criteria for selection, evaluation, and re-evaluation have been established. Records of the results of evaluations and any necessary corrective actions arising from the evaluations are maintained in order to prevent the purchase of counterfeit, suspect, and/or unapproved products. RC Electronics uses a comprehensive due diligence inspection program for all product prior to customer delivery. This quality control process applies to both commercial and military electronic components. Incoming inspection methods are based upon customer specified requirements and applicable military specifications, as well as on ISO 9001:2008,

As part of our continual commitment to quality, all products that we receive are inspected in our state-of-the-art facility located in HongKong. We want our customers to have complete peace of mind knowing that every part shipped from RC Electronics has been thoroughly inspected and has passed our rigorous inspection procedures.

In-house inspection capabilities include:
  • Complete Visual inspection.
  • Data sheet verification.
  • Device marking tests.
  • Component surface analysis.
  • Extensive use of high powered microscopy and digital photography.
  • X-Ray analysis, including in-tape reel-to-reel and in-tray inspections.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF) testing.
  • Mechanical and Chemical De-capsulation, with microscopic die inspection.
  • Solderability testing.
  • Electrical testing.
  • Component blank check, erasing, and programming.
Customer Satisfaction

RC Electronics also uses many customer satisfaction measurements to determine our performance in the marketplace with distributors, major customers, and end users of our products. Some of these measurements include customer surveys, on-time delivery reports, and customer complaints. This allows us to have accurate and timely information on our performance, and allows us to make corrections at multiple levels to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Counterfeit Prevention

Counterfeiting of electronic components can refer to a variety of activities. It could be as simple as re-marking scrapped or stolen and possibly nonworking parts, or as complex as illegally manufacturing complete parts from original molds or designs. A counterfeit part may be relabeled and appear to come from a different manufacturer or to appear to be a newer or older but more sought-after component than it actually is. Visually, it's usually hard to tell the counterfeit part from the real thing. The most insidious and most prevalent kinds of counterfeits are either sold as legitimate brand-name goods or become components in otherwise legitimate products. Counterfeiters often go to great lengths to duplicate materials, part numbers, and serial numbers so that their wares match those of authentic products. But the problem isn't just with counterfeit parts, defective or outdated products get circulated as well. Some parts made by branded manufacturers are deemed either defective or substandard and are destined for the scrap yard. But they never make it there: They're stolen, re-marked, repackaged and resold. Other components simply expire and are slated for scrap but instead are sold as excess.

RC Electronics understands how big of a problem this really is and how much time and money is wasted by counterfeit products. This is why we have put multiple procedures in place to prevent counterfeit products from reaching our end customers. Through intensive training and participation in industry associations fighting counterfeiting, RC Electronics has stayed at the forefront of anti-counterfeiting technology. As we all know, this problem is not going to go away, but employing intensive screening methods, we can reduce the impact on the supply chain.

RC Electronics
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Over 50+ Million Items
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Excess Inventory Mgmt
  • Component Testing
  • Counterfeit Screening
  • Mil-Spec Upscreening